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Brooke. 20. Spawned in Maryland. "Move along, nothing to see here."


"I hate that parrot."

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“…once you have confused them and found their weakness, you crush them… If your crushing is weak, they will be able to rally… if your opponent is inferior to you, or his rhythm has broken… it is essential that you crush him immediately, without letting him catch his breath or even letting him glance at you. It is your primary consideration to not let him recover even a little.”

       - Miyamoto Musashi (五輪書, The Book of Five Rings)

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hannes lochner (previously featured) spent two years and traveled over 100,000 km in the kalahari to document the nocturnal world of its animals. he slept in sweltering day heat, was stung by countless scorpions, and spent up to twenty hours a day in the field, which included sub zero night time winter temperatures.

hannes loves big cats, but notes that “due to the extreme rise and fall in temperature, you only get an hour at night and in the early morning to get pictures of the cats actually doing something. otherwise it is too hot.”

he adds, “the kalahari is very harsh and dry. there are extreme arid regions where only the fittest survive. i saw so many lions dying and cubs being left behind because food was so scarce. it is a difficult environment.”

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